Thursday, February 21, 2008

Prince: Vote the OPPOSITION!!!!

Noises are everywhere to be heard, and has awaken those asleep politicians who are still amidst of self-wandering, and presumably still in power! At this moment, you know, General Election is just around the corner!

I must not deny, I feel ashamed for Malaysia’s election process, where each party are supposed to campaign for Citizen’s right; instead condemning each others, through speech, TV Advertisement, Brochure and etc. However, my preference has always the opposition party, as I believe, when one (BN) in stronghold for too long, it loses its essence of a party which is to serve the people in the nation; and what irritate me the most, and has led me to re-consider BN is their TV Advertisement on RTM 1 & RTM 2 which indirectly condemning the opposition parties. I am truly, very much disappointed with BN.

In this case, if the opposition has the money, and that, RTM is not controlled by government, then opposition should have broadcast the scene shot by Aljazeera where water gun shot on BERSIH & HINDRFAF members, and how the police beat the hell out of them!

Unlike Barisan Nasional, as I can see the opposition parties have been trying hard to win their voters consistently, and has consistently shows their effort which proven their persistency. BN has always made last minutes promises, and especially when the oppositions are growing stronger, they, then, will make even ‘bigger’ promises!!! That’s ridiculous.

I would hope you think seriously before you cast your votes to Barisan National. Do not forget the past, those statement made by Members of the Parliaments which are racial, unfair & one sided; Not forgetting, the son-in-law who hold the illegal UMNO youth protest previously; constantly claimed hat BERSIH & HINDRAF are illegal, but the least better than him who are rampant.

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