Monday, March 03, 2008

Prince: SPR is not Independent???

As the election day is around the corner, I started to hear many comments on the change of voting location by SPR for individual voters! This also reflect my experience after checking my status from SPR.

a) I realize they register me as voter on my behalf; possible using my name and IC to vote!

b) I stay in Alor Setar, but was designated to 'Kuala Kedah' where only PAS and BN contesting all these while!!!

What I have learn from all these are:-

a) SPR does manipulate voter's information; if you didn't vote, they will use your vote for BN (as far as I understand!)

b) If you are a chinese, they will either designate you to an area where PAS & BN contesting only; because they know you will have to vote for BN!!!! (Voter's behavior)

c) If you want to change location (to another state), they make you change your IC address (make you through all the fucking troublesome procedure!!!)

d) If you want to change contesting location in your hometown, same as (c), you have to do it in Putrajaya (you still have to go through all fucking procedure!!)

What I will do after learning all these...

(a) Since I am damn busy with my work, I will change my address after this election, and choose one day where i can take myself through all the fucking troublesome process.

(b) Since I have to vote at the designate location where only BN and PAS are contesting; I will vote for PAS!!! knowing their (BN) tricks...!!

(c) Since they already registered for me, I will definitely drive 5 hours back there to Kedah to cast my vote; so that I do not have to be a phantom voters anymore!!!!

These are my thought.....

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