Friday, May 02, 2008

Prince: Completed my FGD!

I’ve finally completed my Focus Group Discussion and now doing content analysis to complete my final part of assignment!

I wish to thank you all for your help, and it would not be possible without your help in such a short period of time…

Special thank to Catheryn (Stuart) who managed to recruit 6 participants from S.M.K. Pudu Girl school, and she managed to get her sister involved as well. Driving her mum’s Avanza to & fro transporting all participants were not easy. Thank you very much.

And also, through Sim, I got to know Edeleen who now studies in the States; her mother, Datin Christine, who is the headmistress in SMK St Gabriel, managed to arrange a group to be conducted in the school compound. Thanks to Sim, Edeleen and Datin Christine.

Next is University College Sedaya International (UCSI) for the last group of FGD involving college students, special thanks to Dr. Jimmy Mok (CRE), Rodney (CRE), Mabel Tan (head of faculty for Pre-U), and not forgetting, UCSI Vice-Chancellor- Dr. Chin Peng Kit who was my ex-boss! Thank you so much!

Last but not least, special thank to Open University for sponsored a room for the first group to be conducted in University compound, and thanks to Dr. Osman who prepared me a letter of explanation for my company Human Resource.

And ~ my boss ~ my big sister ~ who approved my leave for my FGD…Thank you so much…Everything went well…

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