Sunday, October 05, 2008

Prince: Positive thinking is really important!

It has always been difficult to change the thinking of a person. Positive thinking is something can not be nurtured over night; the person involves will have to do a lot of reading, be very persistent and consistent, coupled with high level of self-realization in order to succeed. There are many people with negative thinking surrounded me, their aura is so great sometimes that I have to distant myself from them. Sometimes ago, a CEO of a listed company once told me. ‘A person learn, when they build a house with bricks people thrown at him; this is a quote from someone, very true, but don’t forget, if you pick the wrong brick, your house is not going to look good. It may even shake!’, he said. He is damn right; when people bombarded you of your work, you take it and improve, but you have to be sure you got it right! When your work is below expectation or not meeting objective, it is not necessarily attribute to your skills, your attitude could be the root cause…

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