Sunday, November 02, 2008

Prince: What an escapade!!

I had an interesting weekend, and mist unforgettable weekend of all. I had hiccups problem since Wednesday night, and I thought it is temporary; however, the issue lingered on to Friday! I have no choice but to see specialist which wasted RM400 per consultation. The doctor in practice put me through a blood test and radiology, because non stop hiccups usually due to Kidney failure or lum in the lung or heart; but the test went well, and shows none of the relativity. Thus, the doctor gave me a heavy dose of gastric prescription. I took it on Friday night, and get well on Saturday morning; I thought all went well, but amazingly, I feel something wrong with my tongue!

And here it came, i suffered from tongue contraction! I can't really speak properly, the symptom is vaguely felt in the morning, but it get worse at 6pm...that's when I had to attend my cousin's wedding dinner. My tongue contracted and I can't speak properly, I feel like stroke patients; I got no choice but to excuse amidst the wedding dinner, and went for medical consultation in one of the well-known 16 hours clinic. The doctor told me...'you are lacking of potassium... "....'you need to eat more BANANA..."...OK....Fortunately the situation didn't last long, I feel well after I went home...and getting even better on Sunday least it screws one of my weekend...

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