Friday, January 02, 2009

Prince: New Year Resolution...

‘Resolution’ is a determination of an act or method made to resolve a problem; or in another word, it is a firmness of purpose, or strong will make to something. I started to make myself ‘resolution’ since year 2004, and I have always made sure I keep track of my annual resolution, and make sure I meet the ‘deadline’!

In year 2004 ushering into year 2005

Life was difficult during then, what I earn is not sufficient to what I spend; moreover, my company do not believe in bonus, high pay or incentive. It’s a Chinaman company who wishes to invest back to the business by building more ‘building’, and expanding the business elsewhere. Thereon, my New Year resolution,

a) To continuously improve myself through formal education so that I can be more competitive in the market, thus, I will finish my MBA, and continue…! - ACHIEVED

b) To get a new job where it can provide me the financial stability so that I can move around the society move freely…- ACHIEVED

In year 2005 ushering into year 2006

After I joined a new company, I was taught that attitude is very important for a person to function more effectively and efficiency in an organization. You just got to do the right thing, behave the right way at the right time, so my attitude is the first I decided to improve.

Secondly, from company to company, as long as it is a local china-man company with no intention to improve, they will always behave the same, and you, as an employee will always face the same problem in your work. Just for perspective, this company used punch-card to record employees’ attendance, and the ‘old lady bosses’ will check the punch card every morning, if you are found late to work, your salary will be deducted (even only a few minutes late); she didn’t mind to go through all the hassles just to break your wages into minutes and do it from there; and we do not have a proper pay slip, our pay slip is handwritten, this pay slip can be purchased in any grocery shop. Long hours working and extra effort contributed to the company was not appreciated, we started work 7.45am till 6pm (break is one hour), total working hours was about 10 hours, but we never able to go back on time due to the heavy workload; I left at 8pm very often, and have to work on Saturday (half day), and Sunday (during November and December- with no additional pay) – with all above I decided to move…

a) In term of attitude, I wish to be more open (or transparent) in treating people; in work, I need to be more confident, and professional; also, look for perfection so that I can be more meticulous…- ACHIEVED

b) To get a new job (targeting MNC) that can give me the opportunity to advance or step up the corporate ladders, more importantly, to learn and improve my working experience, and I don’t mind to learn from scratch…- ACHIEVED

In year 2006 ushering into year 2007

Year 2006 is terrible years for me, although I have achieve my resolution but it is not enough; I can’t say I made a mistake to move, and it is under a different working environment, and at least, something news to learn.

a) Improve my Marketing Planning Skills through continuously learning from peers, and guidance from superior…- ACHIEVED

b) Continuous personal improvement through former education, I decided to enroll PhD after my MBA study…- ACHIEVED

c) To appreciate my personal relationship with love one, and to give something special…- ACHIEVED

d) Looking for business opportunity so that when time comes, I can work on my own business plan……- NOT ACHIEVED

In year 2007 ushering into year 2008

This was the year continued from the year before; my life isn’t any better with so many sacrifices I made for my work with only little returns, and appreciation. If I were to rely on people’s help, I would have learnt very little, and lucky, I am not…

a) I decided to move on again this time, and for this time I will keep my eyes wide open to make sure I choose the right company with the right boss …- ACHIEVED

b) Marriage proposal….…- ACHIEVED

c) Looking for business opportunity so that when time comes, I can work on my own business plan……- NOT ACHIEVED

And not forgetting…

The 3 must-do before marriage…

a) Registered for my PhD study…- ACHIEVED in 2007

b) Experiencing backpacking…- ACHIEVED in 2007

c) Getting myself a tattoo…- ACHIEVED in 2007

In year 2008 ushering into year 2009

This year is a fantastic year with many surprises; in work, many to learn, and have learnt many too. There’re also some pitfall that I must build in my new year resolution to make sure I settle it or it become a stumbling stone for me.

a) I am too action oriented in my work, this must be improved because it would affect my working relationship with others…

b) I never had this before; I am too discomfort with top management, especially during presentation; perhaps being influenced by the past of what had happened before from top management. I must get rid of this...

c) Complete my thesis proposal, and go for Qualifying Exam so that I can pass and continue with my PhD research (Data collection)…

d) Save enough money for a proper wedding…

e) Save money for another backpacking trip end of the year…(and complete my tattoo..)

f) Looking for business opportunity so that when time comes, I can work on my own business plan…

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