Sunday, May 03, 2009

Prince: My Biggest Failure in Life...

My biggest failure in life at this moment, is the failure in earning the trust from my friends. Why do I say so?

Despite the fact that I treated my friends with sincerity, openness, and kindness, but when something happen, a small incident would show that the trust that my friends have in me is much lesser compare to someone who knows them even lesser than me.

A few words from someone who actually makes a mistake, would be able to turn a 'black sheep into white', and pin the mistake on me; while doing that, everyone seems to stand by the others side.

I have been thinking for a while, is it because they do not know me anymore, or is it because they do not know me deep enough?

That's a question that I struggle myself. How can my friends rather trust someone who they knows much lesser over me, when even, a blind knows where a mistake lies.

That's my biggest failure at the moment...

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