Sunday, October 07, 2007

Prince: Freaking Family@Pizza Uno

Dining with my wife @ Pizza Uno @ Centra Point Bandar Utama, we were seated opposite of a family of 9 consist of Grandparents, parents of 3 children & a weird couple.

I’ve never had a peaceful meal since then because I constantly heard the father ‘attacking’ his son with harsh word. Below are some words coming out from his mouth, and I drop my jaw!

  • ‘Have you said your grace? How many times do I have to teach you to say your grace?’
  • ‘Can you eat faster? I brought you here for good food, and this is how you re-pay me?’
  • ‘No drink until you finish your spinach cheese, you’ve never eat-up your food before! No drink until to finish your food’
  • ‘Do you hear me? Eat properly! Sit straight, and hold your fork steadily!’
  • And more..blah…blah…blah…Then the couple…screwing up the waiter…

‘You only realize that you are out of ‘something’ after we have been waiting for almost half an hour? I don’t care, today is a special day for us, now I am going to order something on yours restaurant!’

Talking to his dad after the waiter left, ‘Don’t care, just squeeze something out from them’

  1. No matter how much you pray to god, you will never get anything with such attitude towards others especially your son; it’s about patience & passion in educating your son, not by reprimanding, scolding, and despising.
  2. Being a profit-minded jerk who only think about self-derive benefit by pressing others isn’t the way of life, none of the religion teaches you about compensation by taking advantage on others’ mistake.

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