Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Prince: During Exit Interview...

I truly understand the word ‘Kia-su’ just right after I tender my letter. Judging at my company re-action of getting as much people as possible to search for my next company’s name is absurd! They are so interested to know where I go, where else I can not fathom what it has to do with them! The more they want to find out, the more I want them to be in extreme chaos!

The business is no longer ethical anymore with these types of people around!

During exit interview, I share my interest in doing PhD study, and my boss criticizes me!

Boss: you plan to do PhD?

Me: Yes, January Intake, I got accepted!

Boss: You make a wrong choice! You are not good in calculation, so you want to do PhD? People at your age should focus in career instead, and no one would want to challenge their weak point in life, you are not good in calculation, and yet you are challenging it. PhD requires a lot of calculation you know. You should reconsider.

Me: Yes, I understand, but study PhD has always been my interest, especially Major in Consumer Behavior.

When I met up with my MD, he criticizes those who left...

MD: I know, I have been working here for 35 years, those who left company never success, such as F**E & Y**G C*An, they never success after leaving our company, so you should reconsider!

Me: Yes, I understand, but I decided already!

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