Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Prince: I tender my letter Yesterday!!!!!!!

I created a little commotion after I tendered my letter; I finally caught everyone in surprise.

My marketing manager spoke to me, but I insisted to leave, and My MD spoke to me too, interrogating me for reason of leaving, I told them I wanted a new environment, a much conducive environment unlike now, working under a stressful boss, its nightmare!

Such as the latest incident, when I am already 15 minutes late for company Japanese class due to my work, so I went out late for dinner, thus, returning late. I am already rushing myself like mad, and thought of taking a loop before went up to class, somehow, my boss called to screw me up…

(In the phone) My Boss: ‘Where are you now?”

Me: “I’ve just done with dinner; I am now in toilet, coming up shortly”

My Boss: “This thing you should do it early ma! Why can’t you plan to do it early, and must do it now!?”

Me: “ok, ok, o.k. I am taking lift now, ok, ok...”

Note: Can you plan your toilet trip early?????? SHIT!!!

Only then I realize someone pokes us in the office, but my boss pick me the first to call. My immediate superior complaint to my boss on my lateness, and incitingly told him that it is a waste of money when we are late for class. The conversation is as below…

Lady Boss: Boss, its late already, where is your staff?? The ‘sensei’ is waiting in the room, it is not good to make people waiting you know! They should not be late you know, they are late every time!

(Very Angry) Boss: What! They are late! Let me call them!

Lady Boss: No need to call lar, they can give a lot of excuses one! No matter what, they can give you many excuses to get away one!

(Very Angry) Boss: Ok, I want to see how creative my subordinate is! (Pressing the phone now)….

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