Monday, February 09, 2009

Prince: My Post in Citizen's Blog!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Newspaper plays up Racial Hatred!
Posted by: stcy81

If you watched TV 1, TV2 and TV3 for the past 2 days, the press conference for Kapal was played up again and again, and the news broadcasters even used harsh words to describe, not only to Kapal, but Pakatan Rakyat as defiance against Sultan's wish. They use the words 'Derhaka', 'Biadap' and 'Kurang Ajar'. Of all, they are trying to create chaos among the Malay towards Pakatan Rakyat. The play up is even stronger for Utusan Malaysia.

But I can tell the BN government, the more you manipulate the media, the more we hate you. We all, Malay, Chinese, Indian, are one educated Malaysian, and not easily manipulated by you. Your dirty tactic only works on those who are not highly educated and blindly support your corrupted government.

All I can say, I will support Pakatan Rakyat in Perak because they have won over 50% votes from the past election. It is clearly the Perakian's wish to see Pakatan Rakyat rule Perak.

All I can say, I will support Kapal in filing suit against the Sultan, because everyone is subjected to Court of Law. If Sultan makes a mistake and is reluctant to correct the mistake, then Let's the Court decideds.

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