Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Prince: Things i do in my Hometown

Things I do at home…. I mean, in my hometown…

a) Eat the delicious nasi lamak every morning at 50 cent a pack!
b) Stay in my air-con room with my laptop on all days long!
c) Bath my dog!
d) Clear my dog cage every morning!
e) Feed my dog every morning, and night!
f) Got to eat special Ali Nasi Lemak which you never find in KL!
g) Walk around my house is already a good work out!
h) Buy DVD at RM 5 per piece!
i) Drive around town – (you see more magnificent mosque than school!)
j) Drive 50km always from Alor Setar for a decent movie in a decent cinema!
k) You will find a hawker stall every 500 meters walk (How convenient!)
l) That means you get to eat the same Nasi Lemak, Tek Tarik every 500 meters! (How convenient!)
m) Have Satay Culuk at 50 cent per piece!
n) Have Laksa and Curry Mee at RM 2.50 a bowl!
o) Watch Satelite TV that has over 200 stations (but more than half speak Arab & Tamil!)
p) And many mores…

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