Sunday, April 26, 2009

Prince: How Syl feel?

He shared with me, how he feel after all the drama, and he cleverly described using story as below...

One day, your friend invited you and another friend of yours for lunch, and he turned up late.
you waited for 30 minutes more.
Once your friend turn up, and you complaint.

The next moment, your friend slapped you on your face, 'Piak!', and shouted,

'I can not be late is it! If you are hungry, then EAT first lar! You are so big now still don't know how to eat is it! I invite you for lunch, but I didn't ask you to wait! you stupid is it! How do I know you will wait for me! you never said you will wait for me! Use brain lar, if you hungry then eat yourself lar!

And another friends of yours actually stand there and watch, and said, 'ask him to settle with you'.

Steve, tell me how do you feel if you are me?, asked Syl.

And I said,

"when the efforts that you put it, sacrifices that you've made, all for your friendship, has been taken for granted by your friends, it means they have never considered you as friends, worse still, they actually make you their enemy - More to come!"

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