Saturday, June 30, 2007

Prince: Bad Day ahead!

27 Jun is certainly not a good day!!!!!

oday is not any brighter for me. I get 5 shots today, 4 shots from the same person, and 1 shot from sales department.

I sit down and think through carefully hoping that I could improve myself further, but eventually, I come to conclude that ‘it may not be entirely my fault’.

2 weeks after I joined the company, and to date, I receive an average of at least 1 shot per day. Well, it could be from anyone but mostly from 2 persons, and one of them occupies the most!

I cogitated, and I realize each ‘shot’ is merely to pin the blame on me; it is a cloak for inefficiency of the others. Take today as an example, which occurs at 4 different occasions in office:-

  • (Early in the morning) - If you make mistake, I have to be responsible, that’s why I scold you…- and blah blah…started for at least 5 minutes…everyone in office heard about it…
  • (Reaching 5pm) To be a good leader, I must ask you to tell me what you want, not I give you the solution; so just give me the solution! And blah blah… everyone in office heard about it…
  • (Noon) You always forget what you’ve done in the past, you’re careless! You should read your email & follow up! ¬ ‘I didn’t receive the email, can you re-send it to me?’, I demanded – and in fact I didn’t receive the email… what the heck!... AND everyone in office heard about it…
  • (After 6pm) You both are the leaders of this project, and should tell me what you want! ¬ ‘Ok, we plan to go for this, this, & this’, we explained. ‘No, this is not what I want, I want that one! What have you been doing, did you try to call and follow up on my idea?’ we were being asked!...AND.. Everyone in office heard about it…

How much longer I can hold… No one knows, no one cares, and certainly not myself!

No matter how hard you try to improve, it has never been enough. Sometimes, it is about the leaders who make the biggest mistake.

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