Saturday, June 30, 2007

Prince: Trust is earned, not given...???

I start to learn that leader who constantly claim to think positive in the field, are the one who always start with negative thinking, and lack of trust! It is ironic to know that most leaders are born the same.

Taking below scenario for example:

  • ‘A’ went out to pick up some personal stuff and supposes to come back within an hour, has somehow late for more than 2 hours.
  • ‘B’ who is ‘A’ superior has a choice to choose his thought; somehow, he chooses to be furious. At that moment of his choice, the 1st thing came into his mind is to pin the blame on ‘A’ for returning late, and took the liberty to attach him of having improper working attitude.
  • ‘B’ should have thought positively & took the hassle to inquire before he drops the judgment. Who knows ‘A’ may have met with accident!
  • If you were to reprimand ‘B’ for his negative thought, he may then argue, ‘A’ should perform to earn my trust; trust is earned, not given’.

‘Trust is earned, not given’...???

What can you do in order to earn trust? Hardworking, be smart, or wipe your boss ass?

What I am trying to say here is that Boss always has excuses if they want to pin the blame on you.

And it is strongly depend on leader’s behavior.

If they are smart leaders, they should provide a proper definition of how they define trust, but most often, they won’t! because if they do, they are not entitled to shout ‘‘Trust is earned, not given’ to anyone anymore.

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