Sunday, July 29, 2007

Prince: I am fagging..

I am fagging out at my work. Fag is bearable, but being an object of accusation for being incapability in dealing with due date is an unbearable annoyance! Company constantly educating employees to pin any mistake that occurs on ownself, because they believe everything ‘cause by ownself’, but it is hard to instill such thought among the top management. Eventhough if it happens, it is the next action that matters. Some people retrospect, and move on to the wrong action which bring along more mistakes.

Working in this company, allow me to feel like I’ve been walking through a long distance in my life, and the urge in me start to look forward to retirement (which will never happen!) I begin to reminisce the childhood of mine of no worry, being lively, vibrant, and sprightly; which apparently has become a past, because people grow up. However, as I understand my circumstance I abode, I walk far from home, getting despises along the way, to reach a place I call status, and yet I am still far behind. I know I am far behind, but I have a vision that it is not too far away. A vision is a dream I embrace, sleepless sometimes in a week, and that always keep in my head to uphold my perseverance. I know the day will come one day…(picture in courtesy from

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