Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Prince: Don't act stupid, We have leaders for that!

It doesn’t matter how ‘often’ you voice your problem to the local council, on any issue, they just don’t care! 10 years, for god sake, the flood is a nightmare for my house in Kedah. I’ve made numerous complaints to the local MP, Press, and pictures were taken,and were covered by all major newspaper in town. Eventually, nothing happen!

And again, I invited all the Press to shed light on my issue. And, the press called up the local council, but was told the rectification project may incur huge expenses, and many shelter along the road needs to be shifted along with the expansion of the ditch. Well, we would believe it is a good excuse. But…we realize that only a few Atap houses along the short distant road with only less than 500 meter.
(Picture taken from: http://www.flickr.com)

We’ve no choice but to live with the problem. Finally, we have a new city council installed. We thought we see ray of light shine on us. After a few time of inquiries, we realize that this ‘so-called-new boss’ is giving the same excuses, and happily entertained us with their promise to upgrade the condition, and later 'sleep' on it as if 'no business'... Till now, nothing happened!

At least,

I finally know where my tax has gone to!!!!!!!!

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