Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Prince: Forwarded Email by very disgruntled citizen!!

In America, people are afraid of terrorists.
Here, we are afraid of bloggers.

In Japan people make quality cars.
Here, Proton's a blast.

In Sweden, customers' car parks are on the ground floor, nearest to the shops.
Here, customers' car parks are on the 4th floor and getting there requires gymnastics skills.

In most countries, parking in public places are often free.
Here, the government has proposed to extend parking charges till 10 am to reduce road congestion.

In most countries, traveling outstation, there's little or no toll.
Here, if you go to Seremban, the toll is more than your petrol.

In almost most countries, there's no ID card.
Here, if you have no ID card you can go to jail for 6 months.

In all countries corruption is almost looked upon with disdain.
Here, after two White Papers on the police, they are dancing to our disdain.

In all developed countries, nobody is above the law.
You have only to be the Deputy PM to have everything "expunged" on Page 3.

In most developed countries, your house is about quarter mile from the highway.
Here, you house is in between the highway.

In many developed countries, toilets and parking bays are reserved for the disabled.
Here, we have locked toilets and barred parking bays and you have to find the guard to get the keys if you are disabled.

In Indonesia, all toll and parking charges are reasonably fixed by the government.
Here, you can get a heart attack just looking at your parking charges.

In Australia, beer flows like water.
Here, money flows like water when drinking beer.

In Indonesia, you can squat on the toilets; in Germany you can even lie down.
Here, you have to use one hand to hold your nose and the other your willy.

In Singapore and Hong Kong, one ticket takes you around all subways.
Here, Subway is the name of a sandwich joint and it takes a genius to understand the route through 4 subways providers.

In most countries, their PM is honest or dishonest but they do not pretend to be otherwise.
Here, our PM pretends to be honest when he is really rotten dishonest.

When people remarry, they go for a honey moon.
When our PM remarries he is back from his honeymoon and he goes to his first wife grave and asks for forgiveness.

When Clinton was elected President, he went for 4 organized parties in Washington DC the same night.
When our PM was made PM, he drove home and knelt beside his mother and cried for the papers to publish.

People usually have their son and daughters succeed in their business.
Our PM is better as he uses his son-in-law for his business and his son for other businesses.

This country is so full of XXX I am XXX to call myself a MXXXn. Our XXth anniversary is but a side show to show our XXX to the rest of world.

You only need one bullet to kill democracy and that's our self-anointed XXXX first policy. Remember Rome and its indulgences and wastages and you will remember how this country will fall in the next 50 years. Fortunately, I will not live till 100 to see it but at 75, I will be paying RM40 to travel home to Seremban for toll just so to visit my parent's grave. I wondered who is buried there - my parents or my passivity.

If I run for politics, will anyone support me?

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