Sunday, November 25, 2007

Prince: Happy Birthday to Cathy & Shirley!!!!-@Atrium!!

25 November 2007, The day we have been expecting much since months ago! Yes, it’s the Sweety Cathy & Gorgeous Shirley’s Birthday. All the way down to ‘Atrium@Asian Heritage’, we celebrated their birthday with around 20 of our friends. The night was great, and filled with fun.

We heighten the ambiance a little, by giving Cathy & Shirley a Big-Penis-Cake (The Naughty Cake!), I am not so sure about Shirley, but Cathy did mention to me before ‘Once you try black, you never go back!’, and I presume, she would prefer chocolate cake! And since Cathy is female, and I presume all female shares the similar taste, so do Shirley shall share the same taste, so that’s why Sze, Me, My Wifey & Simmy had actually come out with this idea!

That night, I heed to Doctor’s advice of not to drink too much liquor (well, my blood test did show me some colorful result!), so, I only manage to swallow a glass when Cathy was forcing me into it. :P

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