Saturday, November 10, 2007

Prince: I'm going BACKPACK!!!!!!

Gosh, going through the photo taken by my wife during her backpacking trip in Taiwan weeks ago, is torturing my eyes! (There are too many repeatedly taken-photo dear!) Anyway, it taught me well not to repeat the same mistake again during my next backpacking trip!

Oh, I am too anxious for my coming backpacking trip to Thailand, really can’t wait no more! I bought myself a 120ml Deuter backpack; I believe it is big enough to even carry a ‘dead-body’. Don’t get my wrong, I ain’t going to carry ‘dead-body’ nor heavy stuff, we’re going to pack light (hopefully less than 10kg, but, you know, if you got a wife nagging on back-pain, you’ve got to carry her weigh too! (Sigh!)*grimace

We plan for 18 days backpacking in Thailand, from the North to the South, and catching up the full moon party in Koh Pangan as well, and, hopefully, no bombing during that period (touch wood!)

There are a few things that in our ‘MUST-DO’ list, a) Riding on elephant, b) Ah-Gua Show (heard it’s the best in Bangkok!), c) Aquarium…eer.. (Not fish).ahemm…, d) exotic massage (did I just mention exotic!)…(Oops…almost forgot about my wife!)…and many more…

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