Friday, June 06, 2008

Prince: Government's Fault..All MP just cross Over Pakatan Please!!

I can really fathom the saying that during Dr. M tenure, fuel price has always remain the same, and yet country still enjoy such a massive development, but when our "Mr. with son in law" came in, price seen to increase again and again, and money are wasted buying 'jet' for personal use? "Apalah!" I have been wandered, how often did I actually use government service? how much did my tax give me within the whole year period...I paid income tax, road tax, whatever tax, car tax...and yet, I still have to paid for every single toll built and approved by stupid BN people... Apa lah!!!!! We work like shit, and paid in the form of tax to government in a hefty sum, and yet we get nothing in return...

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