Friday, June 06, 2008

Prince: What happen after Fuel price up!!!


Macus Lim aka sUCaMMiL said...

wad is the title for this video?
i wan to download from youtube
its very nice video!
nice ad!
hope u can gimme the title, i go download
thank you

Dr.Prince (王子- 陳琮祐) said...

its a forwarded mail...ha!

Macus Lim aka sUCaMMiL said...

u r so bahagia
u stay overseas now?
if ur overseas, ur fren forward mail to you bout all this nice posts...
ur so bahagia!
i wan also no err...
can forward to me?

i need smoe good posts for my blog...
by the way...
can i use some posts in your blog?
cuz i felt that its meaningful!
and educational