Sunday, June 22, 2008

Prince: What is Strategy all about?

The problem with strategist is when they tend to stay inside their own world. Not even set their eye out of the box; but my issue now is not so much about ‘being frog in the well’ but is not being able to ‘focus’.

Strategy is about setting company apart from competitors by competing in areas where you own your strength. But when greed creeps in, strategist will be influenced by profitability, and dah dah dah... and tend to sway away from being focus.

My learning…

  1. Get the market data as much as possible
  2. List top 10 areas where you deem important, and will give you competitive edge…
  3. Do you analysis on the top 10, and analysis should not just go by width, but also depth!
  4. Find the opportunities where it fits your strength!
  5. Go for it....Be focus!

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