Sunday, June 22, 2008

Prince: Speedy Action is the champion...

The book said....

For large company:

  1. Planning is crucial
  2. Give up the crumbs
  3. Preserve company strength and stability

For small Company:

  1. Attack when the enemy retreats
  2. Do not take full advantages of all opportunities
  3. Be as inconspicuous as possible
  4. Respond quickly
I agree of all, but disagree as where large company...
  1. Not to attach when enemy retreats...?
  2. Not to be as inconspicuous as possible...?
  3. not to react quickly...?
The marketplace is like Warfield, whoever able to move faster than the others are the champion... the saying of big vs small is no longer valid in this century, what applies now is speedy vs big...are you fast enough...? or taking a turtle re-action to the environment...

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