Saturday, August 04, 2007

Prince: The octogenarian...

Having breakfast in a coffee shop nearby my apartment, the place is as cram-full of frequenters as usual. All arrived to taste the specialty – White Coffee! Frankly speaking, crowd is certainly not my liking specially when I have to pay, and I also have to Q, for long before my turn just for a small plate of stupid food call – the best in town. Once in a blue moon is considerably fine for me, absolutely not every weekend. As usual, we shared a table of 4 with a mother & daughter, and many are standing for those leaving, hoping to get a seat. We were seated a bit later than the mother & daughter, and after they were done; we noticed another couple standing behind the table awaiting. The couple managed to sit down, and we were fine with newcomers. But…Out of a sudden, a big plastic bag of ‘Ham-Chee-Ping’ dropped on the middle of the table out of no where. Then we notice an octogenarian sit straight down on the chair at our table without even asking for permission; with pettish look and with an irascible eye-brow. (I thought octogenarian should appear benevolent?) She raised her hand waving at her family, and the couple who first occupied the seats has no choice but to give way. My wifey & I gazed at the ‘grandma’ in stupefaction, and almost drop our jaw! We just can’t believe an old woman with years of societal experiences is behaving as such.

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