Saturday, January 05, 2008

Prince: Day 1-3@Chiang Mai

I don’t believe Thailand as having winter season until I feel it myself, and of course, we are not referring to Day time sun light. At night, it is cooling in Chiang Mai.

We landed @ Chiang Mai Airport, and took a taxi down to Town, suppose to stay at Julie’s house (if not mistaken) but was fully book. We walked around and came across ‘Panda Tour’, we heard it was quite famous so we took enroll a day tour for tomorrow. The tour covers visit to Waterfall, Village, and Elephant Trekking & Water Rafting for only 1000 Bath per person.

Before that we visited Wat Phra Sing, Anusarn Market (only mean for shopping! We also strolled along Kalerie Night Market, and Chiang Mai Saturday Night Market. All mainly for shopping & eye seeing. The very next day, we took a visit to Ban Thak Wai as Catheryn wished to purchase some cheap & good craft work, Ban Thak Wai is well known as craftsman village. And we proceed to DoiDuThet Temples later to check out the ‘GOLDEN temple’ as claim make of gold, but when seems, it is only cover with gold plate.

It was quit fun, and we get to know some friends in Chiang during Elephant ride, Vivian from Singapore & Ratna from Sweeden, but we totally forgotten to have their contact because we are too exhausted to remember when they van dropped us @ our hostel.

Perhaps, this is just the beginning of our trip, hence, nothing much happen, in comparison; I still find Chiang Mai is much better than others like Bangkok. Perhaps its far north, and people are pretty friendlier.

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