Friday, January 04, 2008

Prince: Day 14-15@Krabi

We took a bus down from Surat Thani to Krabi, each cost 500 Bath.
This is the third time we’ve been cheated by travel agency OR bus operator.
We were told this will be a VIP bus, and despite we constantly question their credibility, the operator claimed that it will be a ‘Big Bus’, not VIP bus. The bus makes many stops along the 4 hours journeys (suppose to be 3 hours only!).

We arrived @ 4.30pm, and walked around with Lonely Planet looking for accommodation, we finally decided to set for Bernie’s Place for 500 Bath / room.

Let me warn you that, we lost a few items from our journey from Samui to Phuket, and we are not sure where we lost it, but it is CERTAINLY, EITHER in Samui Mermaid Resort OR Bernie’s Place.

My wifey lost her credit card which later carried transaction that cost RM 5k between 28 Dec 07 & 29 Dec 07, We were at Krabi during that period, but We also suspect we may have lost it in Samui. Anyhow, beware of thief, they have got Key into your room, and you won’t know if you lost until couples of days later!

We only stays in Krabi for 2 night, we took Island Hopping Trips the next day, and visited 5 island, we also visited Phi Phi Island, and it is wonderful, however, my humble opinion to you, if you likes to visit phi phi island, its best if you just take island hopping if you didn’t plan to stay put to ONLY beach, Phi Phi Island is a bit isolated from mainland, and food is expensive in the island.

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