Friday, January 04, 2008

Prince: Day 9-11@Koh Pangan

We departed from Bangkok to Koh Pangan to catch the full moon party; we paid 500 bath per person for the bus & ferry. It is a joint ticket as the local called it.

The place we stay is @ Thansadet: WARNING: if you wish to stay out of town, and looking for a damn quiet place with bearable beach, Thansadet is good or else, do not go there. Reason being, the road is bad, especially after raining, and no light at night, all you got is only moon light! It’s about an hour from town! Food is expensive since it’s far from town, giving them an opportunity to hike up the price charge on tourist, and riding taxi out of Thansadet is costly.

Lucky enough, the hostel provides transportation to Full Moon Party @ 35 0 Bath per person @ 7pm & picks you up at 4am or later or earlier depending on the members in the group. The full moon party is ‘so-so’, it is not so much for hang out, but mostly to get ‘WASTED’. So you can expect lot of crazy stuff over there, drug, pill, anything, just beware.

It was quite an experience in Koh Pangan, along the way, we learned about the culture of those living apart from City, life apart from mainland, and along the way, we got to know Rashid & Suzanne from Canada, they shared with us their life in Canada which really enlightened us a lot, and we also got to know Becky from England who currently working in Japan as English Teacher.

Talking about traveling, or backpacking, it is all about getting to know not just places, but also people around the globe…

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