Friday, January 04, 2008

Prince: Day 12-13 @ Koh Samui

We took ferry from Pangan to Samui which supposed to cost us only 150 Bath / each but were charged 250 Bath each. According to local, they pay only 150 Bath, and here, we realize they practice double standard. If you wish to get cheaper price, it is best to have a local friend purchase for you.

Samui Island is easily recognized from the BIG BUDDHA STATUE facing the island, that’s also one of the tourist attractions. Story told, once a Buddha visited the island and saved a deer from a hunter, and the Buddha also shared his last bit of meal with the deer, hence they build his statue and worship him.

We landed at pier around 1.30pm, and 5 minutes away from Mermaid Resort. The resort cost 600 bath / night, and reasonable. We rented a bike, and tour around the island @ 150 bath per bike per day. You can practically tour the whole island in ONE day, no worry!

We went to Chaweng Beach, Fisherman Village, Grand Mother Grand Father Stone, and also try out the night market. We have also visited the Wat Kunaram where the mummified Monk is preserved for worships.

There’s another area called the Magic Garden on top of the hill: Warning, please do not go there by bike, it is better to get a 4 wheel drive, the way up is too steep and bike is not able to carry your weigh, we didn’t manage to get up there though, we stop half way because our bike is ‘Exhausted’!

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