Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Prince: My After-thought...

Spending ONE & a Half year in my company dragging my feet is no longer a pain in my ass anymore when I decided to tender. You must know that It is worthless & deadly, especially working under a thoughtless superior, who is indifferent about employee’s need, and who, does not hesitate to deprive your weekend, and your personal time, after office hours…… I am speechless, and I decided, to go for a recharge, before landed on a new job. I need something very different, tiring is fine but must be pressure-less and adventurous……

Still remember 2 months ago, when I decided to backpack, Thailand is my first choice. I thought of it in the morning, by noon I already purchased ‘Lonely Planet’ from MPH. I started planning when I got home, and the next day filling up my leave application, it is 2 months earlier.

I stated in my application form as ‘engagement trip’, so that my superior has no reason to turn me down, and so! I get through it with a smile on my face. To add a little spicy to my trip, emotionally, I served my resignation letter a week before the trip!

Thinking of it has been quite fun, and yet, too little travel experience, so I started to recruit the ‘team’, but not many has love for backpacking, eventually we have Catheryn & Sze.

Speaking of Sze who had backpacked in the States for 2 years, absolutely the right choice because we need someone who can read ‘map’, yes! Read ‘map’, ‘grinned’.

We shopped for anything we need for the trip, yet bearing in mind, nothing more than 10kg at our back. We were so excited, anxious, and couldn’t wait no longer for the trip. This trip is certainly going to be fun & adventurous, and serving a greater value to me & my wife. Along the way, we learned to give & take, indulged in greater self-understanding and it has also become a small honey moon trip for us too.

While, for Catheryn & Sze with us carry along the true friendship, we learnt to care for each other needs, and safety, we learnt to be understanding, at least for the 18 days on the run! Imagine 4 creatures from different corner of the worlds, who came from different kind of environment, different kind of ‘past’ experience, with different personalities embedded with certain distinctiveness, trying to ‘jell’ with each others during the trips, and create memorable laughter along the way. This is absolutely precious.

I, myself, having secured a new job, come greater responsibility; and the incoming new academic life of mine - My PhD study commences in January 08; plus, my new car is ready for pick up when I am back from the trip – of course, installment by then has commenced! Let’s not miss my house loan, expected hand-over of key in January08 – of course, it means starting to pay housing loan! One last thing is marriage! Well, arranging both families to meet up so that we can soft thing out soon. Above all these, are being ‘dump’ aside, so that I can have a more relaxing backpacking trip!

Along the way, we get to ride on a bike, and cruised along highway. Even though bike is my routine transportation during my college time but it was a totally new experience this time @ a totally new world.

We had a lot of laughters especially when the bikes were unable to carry our weigh up the Magic Hill@ Koh Samui, We heard the engine ‘exhausting’ heavily, but the bikes aren’t moving even when we spine to the full capacity! We laughed our way up & down.

We get to see & feel Ladyboy show@ Nana plaza. Going alone isn’t carrying much fun, but with Sze & Cath, we certainly create a lot of laughter & much awkward moment! ‘Shh….Sze, I won’t tell then you’ve bought ‘her’ a drink, it’s between you & me! But the breast is solid isn’t it? It’s fake!’

Oh, almost forget, we have been cheated 3 times! VIP bus for sure, but turned out to be a totally disappointment! However, we still laugh our way to destination. For Sze, he ‘snored’ his way, I mean, the ‘real snore’.

We also learnt a new way of having fun ourselves by tearing off ‘panty’! We learnt it from Sze, of his courtesy in Bangkok Suk Khum Vit Suk 11. He put up a great show that gives us laughter even in Hostel room!

We also laughed @ our mistake to trust online booking so much, at which we were stunned to see the condition of our accommodation @ Koh Pangan! I couldn’t forget that moment of truth appeared that drops our jaws, in disbelief stage.

In Krabi when Sze is having sun tan without sun tan lotion, and cried along the way of itchiness & sun burnt! That’s most fun because he looked ready to ‘serve’, while, I am totally ‘roasted’! The term we use to describe our ‘tan’.

In Phuket is where we met Shirley & Sim to celebrate the New Year together, having seafood together, and ‘spraying’ each others for the fun of it.

This trip leaves us very good memories, and we’re already starting to plan for our next trip. Let’s look forward for this trip to be better & more memorable!

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