Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Prince: Brand Equity Award...

The brand equity award is attended by most marketing elite in the industry; and I am glad to be invited for my brand. Well, At least effort become fruitful, my brand - or better still, my company brand, bagged the silver award for category 201 million – 400 million FMCG product. I somehow feel disappointed. In case you do not know, we got the 1st prize last year, and managed to beat SCA, KC & P&G; this year ‘marigold’ appears as winner of our category, and Fire Brand award is taken by P & G product. Somehow, stuck up people earns my dislike, and I am referring to P & G (not everyone though) but some of them in Malaysia. Anyway, if they are good, they won’t have given up on baby diaper!

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