Thursday, August 23, 2007

Prince: What a boss...

We conduct morning study as usual, reading the ‘Kotler’ marketing text book in office. Yeah, No one like the idea as if we are back to the ‘past’, and constantly remind us about our college study. But my boss seems to like it very much. It seems that he has to tortured us every morning before we go on working, and gives us some difficult question to answer which sometimes not even applicable in the company.

What’s new today then…After we go through the chapter, and come across a word about ‘Customer Life time Value’, ‘how do we calculate customer life time value?’ he asked.

‘It can be done with Net present value to discount back the cost’, I answered according to the book written.

‘Yes, I know, then what is Net present value’, he asked firmly.

‘The value at this moment’, I answered.

‘Wrong! Sze, try out’, he pointed to my colleague.

And all seems wrong to him, he starts to criticize us again, ‘as a professional, you must understand the term! You are a MBA holder you know, what about Sze? Degree holder?’ He said with sense of sarcasm.

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