Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Prince: "Fitnah"- Remind me of my ex-company

You probably heard anwar constantly claim the word "fitnah" in TV or anywhere you see him; that remind me of my previous company who "did" not do 'fitnah' but "endowed" your reputation a mark of betrayal, and proudly brainwashed all those under them...fortunately, none would believe... Still remember first week of my new work started, soon enough to have someone who I never know quoted me saying to have authority for project approval...that's even ridiculous, my advice is...please understand "me" before your action...I ain't any big shot...I ain't got any authority to approve...don't embarrass yourself...OMG. Many asked me how could that happen, but I guess someone may have tell something or ask something by quoting me as settling in new company; (hinting may have one big business opportunity!); thus using my name even though not even knowing my role in the new company...

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