Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Prince: Spotted Stealing in Jusco One Utama!

Out of no where, early in the morning, receiving SMS that claimed to have 'big news' from my ex-company; "what's that" I wander, and soon I broke into cynical laughter where everyone set their eyes on me, for a short while, at least, wandering 'who the hell is this guy laughing at!' The message; 'Big news from @@@ company, the Sales GM caught stealing Kotex Pantiliner presenter in Jusco One Utama, and was spotted by the Kotex promoter; the promoter tried to stop 'him' but he kept walking as if he was deaf'; Immediately I SMS and called a few guys to verify the fact, and the fact was re-affirmed, again, somehow; and I text the 'victim' later in the evening on this issue, advising him to be more "careful" in future, as the FMCG industry is very "big" indeed, but small for spreading news; something may happen at 10am, while you can expect everyone in the industry knows it by 11am! that's how fast it is! Anyway, after the call, there and then I realize it was not him (he claimed not him); but it was the marketing manager who was stealing presenter from Jusco One Utama, spotted by the promoter,and during then he was STILL wearing "company ID Tag" (lucky it was not company uniform!...oh..doh...

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