Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Prince: Reading...

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I’ve always wanted some improvement, so I pick up reading; I read all kinds of books except motivational book because I find it unnecessary. Perhaps, I always believe in self-motivation; Perhaps, I always believe that everyone has ‘it’ in them, naturally.

Reading is a good habit, and a nurtured hobby of mine since young, until recently; I hardly have time for it. I was pretty much occupied, and of course, my PhD is still progressing (although it was hang-on for a while due to some ‘technical’ issue with Open University!) especially now that I have got my supervisor appointed, finally!

Sitting in my new apartment alone (my wife travel to Bangkok, and will only return tomorrow night); I manage to do some reading; I read ‘Money & Me’ written in Mandarin by one proclaimed, well-known professor; and I’ve learnt new thing today.

I learnt about DISC, a behavioral model that often use to characterize a leader; we have D stands for Dominance; I for Influencer, S for Steadiness, and lastly, C for compliance.

Dominance leaders tend to see only ‘the end’, which mean very objective oriented, focusing on achievement; while influencer are emotionally driven, and they are gregarious, they are also good in socializing. Steadiness, however, is looking for stability, while Compliance always wants assurance.

Finishing the chapter, and I start to think about myself; where am I, and who am I. Am I a dominance leaders? As a matter of fact, I have the dominance portion in me and a bigger portion of influencer as well; but due to the environment I am in, which could as well oppress my dominance self, leading towards more compliance seeking. I sighed, as much as I know sometimes being dominance is good, yet always lead to adverse effect of my end, and may as well ruin my influencer skill in the process…

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