Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Prince: The game has just begun, my friends...!

I am a man with principle, who also well known for clear mind, and assertive. I took the risk to depart myself from my home ground to a new environment assisting the new troop to attack the opposite. The day I stepped out from the old-city to the new one, I've in fact made up my mind to be ready to serve the new 'rule', and fight the enemy with all my heart. The way I see thing, most likely, cognitively affected as I was trained under the so called "military management style"; during then, we always have to believe the marketplace is a Warfield, yeah, speed is the king, speedy action is a must, and we always have to serve the 'country' where we make myself into, with loyalty, dignity, and wholeheartedly, and In today's term we called 'like my baby'...no doubt. but the ball game has changed; They started to worry (when I left...), and they should, as they know me well for two years how I work, endlessly, forgotten myself, serving only my objective, my goal; and now that I have my new goal, and I can be sure the enemy are not forgotten...now, this is getting more fun, with new ballgame created ~ the game has just begun...

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